50+ Dance For Life

50+ Dance For Life encourages fun dance exercise for the older generation. It helps mobility, flexibility, strength and co-ordination!

Socialise and meet new friends too. Yearly outings to the theatre and regular gatherings are organised. 



Rock Around The Clock

St Thomas Church, Rainham

This is one of our routines that we worked on for a few weeks. It just shows how friendly the classes are, how friendships have been formed and how much fun we have. Dance exercise releases endorphins and sets you up for the day ahead. Come and give it a try!


About Us

What started off as a very small company, with only two classes running in Medway - has now become a growing family with six classes!  

Since opening its doors in 2008, 50+ Dance For Life has joined people together - by running exercise classes that are primarily for the older generation.  

We have Dance Exercises and Tap Dance classes all for your enjoyment - at 5 venues in the Medway Towns. 

We pride our classes on a fun and friendly environment, which allows you to express yourself through dance!


Our Team

Making Classes Fun and Friendly

Skye Starr

FIDTA (Tap and Ballet) DExDip AA1

Skye has trained in Dance and Musical Theatre since a young age at Dance Alley in Chatham.

She has 14 years of experience in teaching all dance subjects and 13 years experience in 50+ Dance. At just 17, Skye started her first 50+ Dance classes. Most of her original participants are still exercising with her now! 

Skye is a Fellowship Member of the International Dance Teachers Association and is Vice Principal at Dance Alley currently. She also is qualified with Acrobatic Arts. 


Classes Available To You

Come Along Today!

Whether you want to try a class with us because you want to re-live a childhood hobby or whether its because you want to try something new for yourself,  50+ Dance For Life is just what you need!


50+ Dance Exercise Class


Parkwood Community Centre


St Thomas Church, Rainham



Hook Meadow Community Centre



St Thomas Church, Rainham



Strood Community Hub


This class involves exercise to music. The class starts with a warm up, cardio and isolated movements combined with a stretch and balance. 

You will then learn a dance routine, which will continue for 5 or so weeks, before changing the routine to a different style. 

The class finishes with a cool down on chairs. No floor work will take place throughout the class. 

We work on building stamina, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and strength. 


50+ Tap Dance


Woodlands Arts Centre (Willow Studio)


This class is for those who would like to learn Tap Dance - going back to basics. 

You can learn routines and basic steps. But all whilst you are exercising! 

All Levels Welcome!

Ballet Dancers

50+ Ballet Dance


Woodlands Arts Centre (Willow Studio)


Learn the beauty of ballet in this class. 

For the complete beginner or relive a childhood hobby. 

Focus on flexibility, posture, extension through the body, balance and strength. 

Yoga Studio

50+ Pilates

Woodlands Arts Centre

Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength.

This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being.

Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility.


Online Classes Available

Perfect for Exercising in the comfort of your own home. 

Please feel free to contact us in regards to online lessons, which we can cater for you.

New Classes and Events To Look Out For...

Large Theatre

London Theatre Trip


After the success of our 2022 trip to see Pretty Woman The Musical, I will be organising our 2023 trip soon. 

Watch this space!

Afternoon Tea

Tea Dance


Tea Dance for all members and partners of 50+ Dance For Life. 

More details coming soon! 


"Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music"

Friedrich Nietzsche



50+ Dance Exercise classes are a great way of helping you keep fit, flexible and keeping your mind active. Every class is rewarding, fun and well balanced. You put in as much energy as you are able to, you don't have to be a dancer! Never boring or difficult and you don't need a partner or a friend to take part. I joined being new to the area, 12 years ago and have never looked back!

Sylvia R

I have been a member of the 50+ group for over 14 years. I am in a class of 50-80+ years. These classes are a fun way to exercise, for older people and people with some limited mobility. Exercises are tailored to our needs and as well as a warm up and cool down, we do cardiovascular and balancing exercises. We also learn a dance over several weeks. And can request a piece of music or type of dance that we might like to do. The class is great fun, never too serious and quite often our laughing muscles are as well exercised as the rest of our body!

Rosemary E

50+ is the best way to stay agile and have fun. Skye makes every minute count, we don't laze around, we keep going, but Skye is very aware of our weaknesses and helps us find ways to deal with them. Apart from the music and exercise, we all enjoy the laughter and friendships made there. I am so glad I enrolled in this.

Christine H


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